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The Mission of Acceptance

Good morning. Rough night--Gina's had a pretty bad string of migraines over the past few days, and has been taking quite a bit of medicine in a semi-futile attempt to remain functional. Selah's been pretty sick the since Sunday morning, and really isn't sleeping through the night very well. Poor thing. Even lost her little voice. (SIGH). But on the upside, Justin's moved into the complex over the last few days, which means I get to see a bit more of the man I love.
Last night we rented the first couple DVDs of the 5th season of the Sopranos. What an amazing show. Justin got us hooked on it awhile ago--he made the mistake of letting us borrow the first three seasons, and I think we went through it in a couple weeks. So the three of us sat down last night and watched the first couple episodes. What a great time.
By the way, I'm still not sure if I have his permission, but being that we're all friends in this space, and that most of us understand and respect the soulful sharing of life that this space represents, I'd like to draw your attention to Justin's blog. His writing is amazing--and he still possesses the courage, purity and vulnerability so common to a new blogger. I love it. It's heavy and raw and hilarious and beautiful. If anything can give you insight into this man that I love so dearly...
I'm ruminating this morning on the way that Barnabas accepted Saul in Acts 9:27, and I'm writing quite a bit offline. I'll publish more later. How amazing is it that a man feared throughout the known world for his pure hatred of the followers of "The Way" was so naturally accepted and vindicated by a man who had every reason to fear for his own life. There's so much to say of risky hospitality...
P.S. Read his entire blog. There's not that much yet, and it's sooo worth it. Trust me.

Sopranos season 5, what is the marital status of Tony and Carmela in season 5?
Interesting characters, Tony the man torn by his own hidden evil double life creating so much pressure conflicted with his desire to be a good husband and father. David Chase, I think, has done such a good job on character development and the sets - hanging out at the pork store, ha ha, classic.
Love the character that Steven Vansant plays. His mannerisms are perfect. " Hey Tony, you know we're talkin bout Paulie here."
Did you see the episode where Chris has a near death experience after getting shot? I thought it was chilling.
A friend said that the sopranos was a soap opera for mostly men.

Will pray about the headaches. 

Posted by Dave Z
A soap opera for mostly Wow. Umm... This is one of the most difficult and gutsy morality plays in the history of television. It brilliantly captures the struggle between avarice and generosity. It completely and masterfully deconstructs one of the unhealthiest love affairs in American pop culture...the iconization of the mobster. It mocks us and entertains us and admonishes us. Let's not use the term "soap opera" again.  

Posted by Justin
Ok, no soap opera but I think " gutsy morality play... " is way too elevated .

Dont' get me wrong, I like the show.

David Chase lived in the midst of this it was around him, still is happening. He is just taking advantage of that unhealthy interest and putting a new twist with the modern man therapy.
I bet he knows someone from the neghborhood who is going through this.
True stories for you: My brother in law lives in White Plains and goes to the mall there. Recently, right in bloomingdales, some of the boys beat up someone to send a message.
Also they killed the son of a garbage company owner who wouldnt give them a piece of the company. Everyone knows who ordered the murder but no one will do anything.
My brother in law and some other of my friends who live in that area dont watch the sopranos cause it's too real and they feel it has too much gratitiousness. you can listen to the nightly news it has a reality verison episode every week of "... what the low life slobs are doing now, who gives a sh**!"( his quote , not mine ). 

Posted by Dave Z
sorry Dave--overruled--"The Sopranos" is genius.  

Posted by jared
I like the sopranos and think it's a great "Show".

" hey Paulie why ya bustin my balls?"

It's called "projection" and just "life" in NY.

Anyway, what is one of the scenes you liked recently?
The whole deal with the mother, sister and the kids is such good writing. 

Posted by Dave Z
Jared see this soprano's post here on my blog from May 27, scroll past the surfing picture. 

Posted by Dave Z
I hear you, Dave...I just I don't see Chase's interpretation as gratuitous. I see his portrayal of the characters as unflinching. As far as the real-life goons who live this way...I share your disgust. I can imagine the dialogue among those guys is nowhere near as snappy. Good exchange!!! See you in the showers.  

Posted by Justin
Good talking to you, it is a fascination, Chase is brillant no doubt about it.
I think it is mostly sitting around getting bored in real,
like I said, I like the show, I see the extra sex and violence as the gratuitious part, this is why I am coming from where I coming from, I told Jared last night how the neighbor right across the street from me worked at JFK in the late 60's and was one of the stupid people who was involved in the big art heist as mentioned in the movie goodfellas and other movies. Got 8 to 10 in the nasty ny prison system - probably Riker's Island then Attica. Real stupid thing to do married with 3 kids. The called their kids Louie and Paulie, for real.
Never did see the dad anymore and the family moved away, they sold the house to blacks to stick it to some of the neighbors. The new family was much better people.
In private I will tell you which head ( today he is )of an existing ny crime family was in my boy scout troop and his father took him out cause he was not being respectful to his mom. Was not friends with but knew him. His dad is in a club fed in ca. He had to have initated into the biz, totally sad how he turned to the family biz.The picture of him I last saw was of him smiling.  

Posted by Anon
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