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Where Credit is Due...

Yes, the rumors are true. If you haven't yet noticed, the blog is back up and running. Lest you think that I had anything to do with this, please direct your praise to my new friend, Ebenezer Orthodoxy. I emailed Eb for a template question, since he's the genious behind Blogger Hacks, and in less time than you could say Great St. Jonathan's Beard, he'd gone into my template and fixed it. Not only that, but Eb's coming out with a new hack soon that should absolve the way blogger takes you to the "your comment has been saved" page after you post a comment. But even now--even though it seems that way--you dont need to login at all to comment.

Thanks Eb--I owe you big. Can't wait for the next update.



Yack yack yack

Back by popular demand...

Just kidding. I'm not really back. Let's not get our hopes up. I think I've exhausted my allowance of relaunching speeches. I know the commenting is still down, and there's some work to be done on the template, but honestly, I can't get away from my need to write and relate to the people I care about in this medium. For some time, this was one of my most prized disciplines, and no matter how long I'm away, I miss it, and I miss you. Thanks for your love and continued encouragement--I find it hard to believe anyone still stops by.

It's been a really rough year, but I can see the flood waters beginning to recede, and I think life will continue to settle over the course of the next couple months. Still really busy--just moved my practice to a new firm, and I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork and meetings. But despite it all, a deep peace has settled on me, and I feel it calming the chaos. You've no idea what even the most cynical comments have meant to me throughout the last several months...thanks for sticking around.


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