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Good morning. ouch. I'm so tired my fingers even hurt to write. I'm so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open on the way into the office. 5:15 I roll up and park, and I seriously contemplated reclining my chair and going comatose for the next couple of days. I've averaged 3.5 hours of sleep for the last couple days, and no matter how many 17-18 hour days I put in, I cannot seem to get ahead of my tremendous workload.
I know I'm lagging (thanks Michel for pointing that out!) on sharing life here, but it seems like I'm letting a lot of things I care about kinda fall by the side lately. My friends have given me a hall-pass to be all but absent from their lives, and I feel like I'm so unbelievably swamped that I've had to let my personal life fall into this state of disarray. Thank you all--thanks J and Dot and Ryan and everyone else for your encouragement and release to be swamped and all but unavailable. I cannot wait for this season of time to pass. In case you didn't know, I moved my business to a new firm about 7 weeks ago, and I've been burning the candle at both ends trying to complete this transition. Managing a team of four and all of the personal idiosyncrasies that each individual brings to the table, over-booking my time to accommodate as many of our clients as I can meet with, sending paperwork via every available means of communication (we've even tried smoke signals), reacquainting myself with a new system and corporate culture...and then going home to collapse with my beautiful family to rest briefly before doing it all over again the next day. My drive home (since the drive in is a bit too early for most people) is allocated as damage control for the mounting issues of import that have been unattended to in my personal life.
All in all, a great season of time. I thrive in stress, and I enjoy the opportunity to accel under pressure. But I'm growing weary of my inability to keep up with those I love, and the nagging feeling of disorganization that haunts me anytime I slow down long enough to allow my mental task list to catch up with me. I have peace, but I'm coming off of the most stressful two months, the most stressful two weeks, and probably the most stressful two days in my career.
Cheers. The End is Near.



Construction... probably the scariest word I've used around here the last year or so. That said, "CONSTRUCTION!!!" Daniel-san is once again setting me up with wordpress, so that both Mac snobs and low-fi PC cavemen can navigate the blog and see the same thing. The cavemen usually don't complain too much, but every once in awhile I logon to see a threatening cave painting, and I'm ready to relinquish my fidelity to web-based publishing. Blogger keeps getting better, but as long as Dan keeps his server up and I can wrap my "plug n play" mind around FTP, this should be a good thing.
**Lesson #52: Continue to write while you work--you never know when you're going to run into a bunch of dead ends and leave your blog hanging for months on end--and then the cavemen take over. Not that I have ANY experience with that sort of thing. I'm just saying. You can imagine what that would be like.
So life continues. I'm a little punchy running on 3 hours of sleep, but I'm still coming off of the high of a great weekend. Spent Friday and Saturday until about midnight with my family up in Santa Maria. Friday night my baby sister and I sat out on the porch and talked until about 3am. Definitely a highlight of the trip. As was feeling my other sister's tummy kick. So beautiful. The family seems well. Still navigating a lot of collateral damage from the last 6 months of life, but they are beautiful and full of love. And my heart was full when I left.
Saw Star Wars III on Saturday with Regina. And I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a total bomb from some of the reviews I've been given, and although the kid from "Life as a House" really can't act his way out of a cardboard box, they did a great job with the flic. And it answers all the questions about the original trilogy that I never thoughts to ask. It was fun. A solid 7 out of 10--which is about 5.8 higher than I gave either of the other prequels.
Sunday was good--still wrestling through all of that. I'll be missing Nicole. I do already. You're loved and thought of--wherever you are girl.
Good Morning Blogdom.



Going to the folks...

Going home to visit the folks in a few minutes. Highlights of the last two days include:



The Mission of Acceptance

Good morning. Rough night--Gina's had a pretty bad string of migraines over the past few days, and has been taking quite a bit of medicine in a semi-futile attempt to remain functional. Selah's been pretty sick the since Sunday morning, and really isn't sleeping through the night very well. Poor thing. Even lost her little voice. (SIGH). But on the upside, Justin's moved into the complex over the last few days, which means I get to see a bit more of the man I love.
Last night we rented the first couple DVDs of the 5th season of the Sopranos. What an amazing show. Justin got us hooked on it awhile ago--he made the mistake of letting us borrow the first three seasons, and I think we went through it in a couple weeks. So the three of us sat down last night and watched the first couple episodes. What a great time.
By the way, I'm still not sure if I have his permission, but being that we're all friends in this space, and that most of us understand and respect the soulful sharing of life that this space represents, I'd like to draw your attention to Justin's blog. His writing is amazing--and he still possesses the courage, purity and vulnerability so common to a new blogger. I love it. It's heavy and raw and hilarious and beautiful. If anything can give you insight into this man that I love so dearly...
I'm ruminating this morning on the way that Barnabas accepted Saul in Acts 9:27, and I'm writing quite a bit offline. I'll publish more later. How amazing is it that a man feared throughout the known world for his pure hatred of the followers of "The Way" was so naturally accepted and vindicated by a man who had every reason to fear for his own life. There's so much to say of risky hospitality...
P.S. Read his entire blog. There's not that much yet, and it's sooo worth it. Trust me.



Approaching Stability...

What a long week. Monday & Tueday I took off, and Regina and I took Selah to the happiest freakin place on earth. "This is Disneyland--and you're gonna be happy!!" seemed the mantra of the day. Selah was actually fairly well behaved for the amount of sugar her Nana decided to give her. And time with the family was so precious. Should have photos & video to upload soon...

But back in the saddle at the office, I had to cram 5 working days into 3, which I did fairly successfully. Tomorrow begins a new week, and I can't wait to get back into my routine of early morning reflection.

By the way, my buddy Justin just moved into our condo complex. I'm so excited that he's finally in town. Remember him in your thoughts and prayers, his family is still going through it in a big way...

Most of you that are locals will meet him soon...maybe we'll even have to throw a house-warming party for him...yee-ha.

My love to all on this sunday--enjoy the few remaining hours of your weekend--I think I hear my daughter waking up from her nap...


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